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Each country has specific requirements on the size and content of their passport photo, (Printed and/or Digital formats) for the U.S. passport and visas, USCIS, Canada, Australia, China, UK, EU countries, Schengen Visas, and countries all around the world.  We understand this and have those requirements ready to go!

Digital Passport photo format and Passport Photo Prints for more than 180 countries worldwide.

for U.S. passport, Immigration applications (green card, citizenship, EAD card, H1-B/DS-160, DV Lottery), India Passport pictures  (and many more) the format is   2” x 2” or (51mm x 51mm) 

China passport and visa photos the format of 33mm x 48mm is the requirement.

Australia, Schengen Visa, Chile and others format of 35mm x 45mm is the standard.

Canada Passport photo: 50mm x 70mm (with Leetone Photo studio stamp and date on the back) 

EU passport Photo and United Kingdom UK (Digital with code also available)

Canada Passport Photo by Leetone Photo Center

Canada Passport Photo 50x70mm

Studio Stamp and date in the back

Australia Passport Photo 35x45mm
China Passport Photo 33x48mm
US Passport Photo 2″x 2″(51mm x 51mm)


LEETONE Photo Center specializes in provide Passport Photos for more than 180 countries since 1978. Make an appointment or just walk-in and be confident that we will take care of each of the requirements

Example of UK Photo with Code

UK Digital e-Passport Photo with Code

(Upon request)

-You can apply for a British passport directly on the government page

-GDPR Compliance (UE)

-ICAO Certificate


 The GDPR – The General Data Protection Rules, the new data protection law coming into force on May 25, 2018.

DIGITAL PASSPORT PHOTO with CODE for any country through our Secure Cloud Storage Service. 

China, Canada, USA, India, etc. 

(Upon request)

-ICAO Certificate


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