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WE CAN DO ALL LIVE SCAN APPLICATIONS – Please bring your form and a valid picture ID.

Live Scan Fingerprints is the standardized method of fingerprinting for background checks in California. The fingerprints are acquired using a fingerprint scanner and then submitted to the California Department of Justice electronically for processing.   The applicant completes the form with his/her personal information and brings the form to Leetone where the applicant must provide the appropriate identification. In California, fingerprinting must be performed by a certified fingerprint roller or qualified law enforcement personnel.

We are a registered and licensed Applicant Live Scan Vendor for the California Department of Justice and adhere to their strict privacy guidelines.

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We also do INK FINGERPRINTING: This service is for those seeking the traditional ink-on-paper fingerprints. 

This type of fingerprints is used for FBI’s Identity History Summary Checks (also known as FBI background check) 

Leetone offers you this traditional method with one clean advantage: 
No more ink all over your fingers! 

We offer an inkless process for your convenience. Your fingerprints are acquired via an electronic scanner and printed out using a government-approved laser printer. This way any fingerprint rolling error can be easily amended and you avoid having messy inked fingers. We are also equipped to offer ink fingerprinting for that special, out-of-state request, employment or for foreign consulate requirements and applications. FBI, IDHSC, FINRA, FD-258 and SF-87 10 print digital captured cards. 

Multiple copies of your set of fingerprints can be provided if needed. 

 If you do not have the FBI Form FD-258 required, we can provide one for you at an additional cost. 

Contact LEETONE for an appointment or more info. 

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